KARL SWARTZ is a Minneapolis-St.Paul based performing/touring/recording guitarist and guitar instructor. Please check out the links by clicking on the "MORE" tab more information.


June 2021 - The new Minstrel's Bazaar CD "Flexible Deadlines" Is going to be available on June 24th, 2021! I am really excited about this CD. There are all new original, instrumentals songs plus this CD has six original songs with vocals! You can find out more at




Stay tuned for progress updates! I've been very busy lately playing the role of Mike Campbell with the Tom Petty Tribute Show "Free Fallin" out of Minneapolis. If you're a Tom Petty fan you'll want to come see this show! The band plays all over the U.S. Go to www.freefallin.us for more info or find us on Facebook.




To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Please check out Ted Weber Speakers. I'm currently use the Blue Dog 100w speakers and absolutely love them. TA Weber and his staff are great at customizing to your needs and are plain and simply, awesome people.

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